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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Viral Marketing Madness

Great Ebook which contains basic information about the most important and useful viral marketing techniques.
I advice to read it and then expound it with detailed information on other, themed reports: Marketing Ebooks

Table of Contents:
- Foreword
1. Introduction to Viral Marketing
2. The Power of Social Media
3. Basics of Viral Marketing
4. Creating Viral E-book
5. Using Facebook as a Viral Tool
6. Using Twitter as a Viral Tool
7. Techniques for Creating Viral Buzz
8. Viral Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
- Wrapping Up

Download file contains not only ebook, but give you even more:
* MRR License - you can legally SELL this ebook (and bonus which it includes), give it for free or add as bonus to your other products. What’s more you can also sell resale rights or master resell rights to other, with no limits!
* Promotion Kit (things which you can use to promote this ebook, when you decide to sell it):
- Banners, covers and buttons
- 5 Thematic articles
- 3 Promo emails (put your name and send it to potential customers)

- 2 READY squeeze page and sales letter templates!

- List of profitable keywords, to simplify promotion of your site.

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